Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bookish: Road Dogs

I have never read a book by Elmore Leonard before, but this one apparently uses characters from three of his other novels. I imagine that fans of those books will enjoy this one as well. I, however, did not. The book is about a couple of criminals who get out of jail and head to California. One is a bank robber and the other is a Cuban gangster. They are both involved with a psychic con artist who is trying to make big bucks off of both of them. The bank robber is also being watched by an FBI agent who is convinced he is going to rob another bank. There are smaller-time thugs involved as well. The problem was, I just didn't care...about any of the characters, about any of it. They seemed stupid, and they're all criminals--who really cares? I was also just not a fan of the writing style, jumping back and forth between characters. The whole thing was a yawn for me, but like I said, if you liked the characters before, I think you would like them again....I guess.

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