Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Snack Mix-Thanks, Kroger!

Kroger recently sent me some free samples and coupons and challenged me to make a sweet or savory snack mix. This was pretty fun; I do make Chex mix on occasion, but this was even easier--just mixed together a few products (no sauce or baking required!).

 I mixed together pretzels, almonds, cashews, cheese crackers, white cheddar popcorn, and sesame sticks. Everything was from one of Kroger's private label brands, so it was inexpensive and tasty! It was a great snack for our road trip over Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks, Kroger.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Salad for Dinner-Thanks, Kroger!

Kroger sent me some great coupons to try their Private Selection Fresh produce, as well as a great apron and easy spiralizer!

I love the living lettuce--it stays fresh so much longer, it seems. I used the spiralizer on those cute little cucumbers and cooked the (pre-washed!) fingerling potatoes in my Instant Pot.

I also did some boiled eggs in the Instant Pot--I meant for them to be soft-boiled, but cooked them too long! 3 mins under pressure + 5 mins de-pressurizing time lead to perfectly hard-boiled eggs. Next time, I'll try a quick release right after the 3 minutes at pressure.

I added some shredded cheddar, a little bacon, avocado, some freshly cooked corn, and Green Goddess dressing, which I have been really into lately! The stars are parsley, chives, and tarragon (also used Private Selection Tarragon), but I also want to try it with some of the herbs we are growing this year--mint, oregano, basil, and lemon-thyme--but I am not sure which ones to combine. I'll have to experiment.

Here's the finished product:

The leftover potatoes were great as hash browns in the morning!

Thanks, Kroger! I'll continue experimenting for Private Selection offerings.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Great Cat products at Kroger!

Kroger sent me yet another mission--this time Lance, our cat, lucked out!

Lance is always a fan of wet food, since he only gets it as a treat occasionally. He devoured the Meow Mix they sent us. Then, I had coupons for a free bag of Purina ONE® True Instinct Cat Food and some Friskies® Party Mix® Gravy-licious Cat Treats. Lance loves the Party Mix treats, though the gravy-licious kind are new to us--he had no complaints! He also loves the new food. He rarely eats all the food I give him in the morning, but he cleaned his bowl of the new True Instinct kibbles. Lance is definitely a fan, and welcomes any more free samples, Kroger! I also noticed our Kroger is offering a deal on pet purchases this week, so if you have a cat like Lance, now may be the time to stock up. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Kroger Simple Truth products

I recently received some samples (and coupons and a fun tote bag!) for Kroger's SimpleTruth line. This is their organic, natural, and fair trade line (some products in each of those categories, not all products in all 3!). I love that the products are free of 101 artificial ingredients, including aspartame, high fuctose corn syrup, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. And it's affordable! I have bought products from this line before, but I had not tried the 3 they sent me. The lip balm went on really smooth, not at all sticky, and I've got the almonds in my purse for when I need a little energy in the afternoon. Happy to try them out, and I'll continue to buy Simple Truth!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cookish Book: Bourbon & Bacon

I received a copy of Southern Living's Bourbon & Bacon: The Ultimate Guide to the South's Favorite Food Groups thanks to a giveaway on For the Love of the South. (Thanks, Amber!) I was surprised by this book in a few ways. It's a nice hardcover (no dust jacket) with lots of color photos, but it's a really handy size (about the size of a large-format paperback book). As soon as I got my hands on it, I thought what a great gift it would make. I several men in my life that I think are difficult to shop for, but this would easily please them, and with the holiday season approaching, I think you should give it a look for the bourbon-lovers in your life. It's really nice to flip through (I've left it on my coffee table since I got it because I really love the book design and I think others would enjoy flipping through it). I'm not a big drinker, but you can't go wrong with bacon, and there are several recipes I want to try: Sticky Bourvbon Toffee Pudding, Turtle Bourbon Pecan Tart, Bacon Popcorn, etc, I think this one might help you check off your gift list!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bookish Review: An Everlasting Meal

An Everlasting Meal  is part cookbook, part cooking philosophy, with a sprinkle of memoir. Tamar Adler firmly believes that cook good, nourishing food need not be difficult, and doesn't need explicit recipes so much as mastery of a few techniques. This book should be encouraging to anyone who is unsure in the kitchen or thinks cooking is difficult or just doesn't know where to start. Allen encourages repurposing leftovers, and using every bit of a meal, from the beet tops that might be discarded to the pasta water that might be poured down the drain. It is a wonderful way to think about food--honoring ingredients and not being wasteful. It's also thrifty and smart. This was a really enjoyable and empowering read--I recommend it to anyone who could use a little confidence in the kitchen.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Slices of Life is taken from the author's newspaper columns. Some cover life with her husband or her kids, or stories from her own childhood. Each is accompanied by a recipe. This is a good book to pick up occassionally and read a passage or two and then move on. I couoldn't get in to reading it cover-to-cover because the columns didn't seem to be arranged in a cohesive way. However, many of the recipes looked good, and the columns can be entertaining--it's just better as a book you read while you're waiting in line, reading a column or two at a time, rather than a real page-turner.

I was provided an advanced e-copy of this title though NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher. Receiving a copy did not affect my review.