Friday, June 22, 2018

More Kroger Simple Truth products!

Kroger sent me some more coupons and free samples to try. They sent us a bag of their freeze-dried strawberries and bananas--what a delicious snack. My toddler devoured most of the bag in no time flat, but I did get to grab a few strawberries!

They also sent coconut creamer, which I haven't gotten to try yet because I never make coffee at home, and some gluten free pasta. I did try that...I'm glad Simple Truth has gluten-free products available, but I am also glad I have no medical reason to be gluten free!

They also sent me a coupon for cold-pressed juice and omelet bites, so my daughter and I had a tasty breakfast! The juice was a little heavy on cucumber for me, but my daughter really liked it, and I'm happy to get more fruits and veggies in her. The omelets are really yummy! You get 2 packages of 4 bites in a box, so I gave my daughter 3 and kept 5 for myself 😊

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