Friday, April 30, 2010

Bookish Review: Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles is a sequel to her novel, Perfect Chemistry (which I have not read). It reads like a Harlequin romance for teens. Carlos Fuentes is a first-generation American whose mother moved back to Mexico after he and his brother were involved in gang activity in Chicago. When he gets in even deeper trouble in Mexico, she sends him back to the US to live with his brother--who has cleaned up his act--in Colorado. Carlos has a major chip on his shoulder, and when he is framed in a school drug bust, he is forced to move in with his classmate Kiara and her family. Carlos thinks Kiara is so not his type, but he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her, and she feels the same. Carlos is involved in a dangerous situation, and it is up to Kiara's family to save him.

The attraction and soulmate business is laid on a bit thick, but I think teens will find it compelling. NB: Carlos & Kiara do have sex (thought it is not too graphically described), so know your audience before letting your kids read it.

Full Disclosure: I picked up a free ARC of this book at a conference. The book did pub this month, though.

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