Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bookish: The Prophecy of the Sisters

First, we need to talk about marketing campaigns. This book is REALLY being pushed by its publisher. They sent out packages to possible reviewers with puzzle pieces and a little cardboard book thingie that the pieces fit into, spelling out the prophecy from the book., just to get people thinking about the book before actually reading it. Then, about a week or two later, the actual book arrived. They also gave out ARCs at conferences. The ARC that came in the mail also had a dust jacket on it. That is almost unheard of, and very expensive. They are really putting some marketing $$$ behind this book, so you should hear a lot about it.

The book is about twins who are part of a long line of twins that are part of a prophecy and could bring about the end of the world. One twin is good, the other...not so good. Due to a trick in their delivery, they are each fulfilling the role in the prophecy contrary to their nature. The storyline is interesting, and there are sufficient creepy parts. Some plot points are very obvious, though, and the story does not always read like it is in the time period it is supposed to be set in.

The book did not make it obvious from the outset that this was not a self-contained story, but there is at least one more book, and I figure it is probably at least a trilogy. The lack of resolution was VERY annoying, but I guess the fact that I wanted to know what the ending would be points to the fact that the story was intruiging. Not the best thing I've read lately, but interesting enough.

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