Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bookish movie: Disney's A Christmas Carol

Go see it in 3D--you won't regret it. This is a story that has been told countless times in myriad variations. We all know it, right? Ebeneezer Scrooge, the original grinch, is a miserly, miserable old man who hates Christmas. He is given a chance to redeem himself and change his terrible ways. He is visited by three ghosts and comes to the realization that he must change his life. Instead of trying to create a new variation on the theme, the filmmakers actually stuck fairly close to Dickens's orignial tale. The dialogue is very good and true to the story and the animation is quite interesting. A word of warning: the ghosts are creepy, scary, and menacing, for the most part. This is not really a movie for little bitty kids--it is a ghost story, after all. The animation is a little weird at times, and I don't think it would be as compelling if not in 3D--so spend a few extra bucks and see it that way!

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