Monday, September 20, 2010

Bookish Review: The DUFF

I'm not actually sure this is the final cover of this book, as the publisher sent me an advanced reading copy for review purposes.

I wasn't thrilled with this book. Although it tries to drive home the messages that labeling each other "whores" or "duffs" or whatever else only serves to harm us all and that maybe the consequences of sex should be kept in mind at all time, these conclusions kind of feel like afterthoughts as the main character repeatedly engages in sex with a boy she finds repugnant in an effort to take her mind off her problems. That seems to be the real message that comes through--that such behavior is okay and that you'll end up with a caring, sensitive boyfriend who no longer desires to be a man-whore because he has seen just how wonderful you are. Dangerous territory. Not recommended, especially not for easily-influenced teens.

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