Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bookish Review: Save as Draft

Save as Draft is a novel of online dating, written in the epistolary style. It opens with a glossary of online shorthand, which I couldn't tell if was an attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor (in which case, it failed) or a serious reference for readers (in which case, seemingly unnecessary, because anyone who is not fairly web-savvy is probably not going to read this)--and, I object to the assertion that "oops" is onomatopoeia. But, I digress. My first thought was, "Cecilia Ahern, she is not."

I will say this--I though I had the book figured out in the first few pages, but it did not end as I expected, so points for that. The book is also clearly written from experience, and anyone who has ventured into online dating will recognize some of the vignettes included. The book is fairly well-written, but the lack of real resolution bothered me. I like my chick lit with a happy ending and all details tied up neatly with a bow--of course, the lack of happy ending makes the story more realistic, but really just made me cringe for the author (see "written from experience," above). Not a bad read, and it is quick.

Disclaimer: I received an advance electronic copy of this book from the publisher for the purposes of review. Free access to the book did not affect my opinion. For more information on Simon & Schuster's eGalley program, please visit

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