Sunday, May 22, 2011

UnCookish: Snacktime

Jell-O sent me a coupon for a free package of the new Temptations by Jell-O, which is the new Jell-O they are marketing as being just for adults. (Have you seen the commercials where parents terrorize their children so the kids won't eat their Jell-O?) I went for the Double Chocolate flavor, of course! Three pudding cups come in a package, and the flavor I tried consists of about 2/3 dark chocolate pudding topped by 1/3 of a lighter chocolate "mousse" on top. The pudding cups do make a tasty snack, but I think I'd rather have a regular pudding cup--I'm not the hugest fan of the texture of the "mousse" on top. There are other flavors as well, which I think consist of pudding on the bottom and gelatin on top. That didn't appeal to me, but I can give the chocolate flavor a thumbs up, if you're looking for a little twist to your usual pudding cup.

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